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The Impact for 5G Consumers

While the need for 5G technology has been driven by the persistent demand of consumers and businesses for enhanced speed, better security, and additional applications, many users remain unaware of the impact 5G will have on their everyday lives in the coming years.The most noticeable and immediate impact on consumers is exponential faster streaming capability. Traditional home Wi-Fi systems connected to the internet by wire or cable may in some cases become connected to direct 5G connections as speeds will be on par with most fiber optic networks.

The long-term impact on the business world will be massive. Chip, modem, and phone manufacturers are already tooling up for the inevitable conversion. Other industries, such as banking, automotive, and agriculture will see a significant impact from the evolution of the Internet of Things . Everything from ATMs to irrigation equipment could eventually become part of the vast network of “smart” products.The healthcare industry may see the biggest impact, with billions of wearable devices streaming data to doctors and clinicians and the improved transmission of large data files from one provider to another.

The acronym 5G stands for “fifth generation” cellular communication. The "G" is used to describe the generations of cellular device communication technology that have been or will be introduced. 5G can operate in the millimeter wave (a super high frequency spectrum that ranges from 24 to 100 GHz), where the amount of spectrum available for 5G means data can be transferred much faster than is currently possible.

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