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Smaller Players in Telecom

The sector's structure has also changed from a few large players to a more decentralized system with decreased regulation and barriers to entry. Major public corporations act as the service providers, while smaller companies sell and service the equipment, such as routers, switches, and infrastructure, which enable this communication.

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTTYY)
Revenue (TTM): $ 108.7 billion
Net Income (TTM): $ 7.9 billion
Market Cap: $ 96.8 billion
1-Year Trailing Total Return: 10.3%
Exchange: OTC
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone is a Japan-based holding company that provides telecommunication services . It offers domestic intra-prefectural communication services, such as fixed voice-related, Internet Protocol (IP), and packet communications services, and sells telecommunications equipment. The company also provides mobile voice-related, IP, and packet communications services, as well as system integration and network system services. Additionally, Nippon operates businesses in real estate, finance, and more.

Analysts foresee that product innovation and an increase in mergers and acquisitions will only facilitate the continued growth and success of the telecommunications industry. There are many opportunities for investors, and an increase in investors will only serve to benefit the sector further.

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