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To become a network defender, the following skills are recommended

Overseeing LAN, WAN and worker engineering 

Illuminate security issues 

Testing frameworks for both equipment and programming weaknesses 

Overseeing VPNs, firewalls, email security, web conventions and security programs 

Creating and actualizing infection location frameworks 

Track and record framework weaknesses 

Record and report security investigation discoveries 

Manage the instillation of new applications (programming and equipment) 

Break down and execute new security conventions and advancements 

Altering administrative frameworks inside IT security 

Keep up the uprightness of equipment and programming 

Break down and research security breech cautions 

Create and Implement security approaches 

Make client verification/access strategies and conventions 

Keep up and update framework design 

Keep up and screen workers and switches 

For a vocation in arrange security, you have to know the nuts and bolts of systems administration, for example, organizing ideas, essentials of PC systems, specialized, gadgets, layers, and so forth.

More info:  lan vs wan

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