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How to become an architect

Solution Architect is the natural next rung for today's senior developers or team leaders looking to evolve as engineers. As a rule, in these roles, people already have a deep knowledge of at least one technology stack, they are involved in low-level component design and understand that the output to production and the operation of the system requires much more than just writing the code that runs.

what does a solution architect do

There are courses to train such specialists (EPAM has courses of two levels - Solution Architecture School and Solution Architecture University). You can find an experienced architect and consult with him in matters of architecture and development. You can also join the architecture community to learn about new technologies, participate in architecture katas (solution design exercise), and other useful activities.

If you are growing on your own, the following steps will help you grow into a solution architect:

1. Broaden your horizons. Be interested in the various aspects of how a system is designed and deployed, and what happens after the code has been written and the system is running. How the system is deployed for production, how it is integrated with other customer systems, how the transfer to the new system is planned, how the system will support this transition in the interim.


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