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Why are firewalls important?

Small and medium-sized companies need agility to adapt to an extremely dynamic digital world, while maintaining operational efficiency. They need simple solutions that eliminate complexity.

Social isolation has forced us to work from home and use a home use infrastructure, which often includes only a wireless router with limited functionality. Home infrastructure is considerably more vulnerable than enterprise infrastructure in terms of IT security. Home equipment does NOT do in-depth inspection, does NOT correlate events, does NOT block malicious sites.

cisco network security firewall

In the new normal in which we will operate from now on, we will need stability and quality when we work from home. Cisco Meraki solutions can simplify IT operations regardless of the size of the companies, with cloud management. Thus, from a single control panel can be configured and managed network equipment, firewalls, switches and Access Points, workstations, mobile devices in the company.

IT departments thus achieve unprecedented visibility for equipment, users, traffic and network applications. In addition, in just 10 minutes, companies can benefit from a functional network thanks to the intuitive web portal, which facilitates the work of the IT administrator.

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