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How to manage the configuration of firewalls

Securing information systems is a key issue for companies and public structures that are exposed to ever more impactful cyber attacks.

In this context, the various organizations seem to finally take the measure of the tasks to be implemented to limit their exposure to cyber risks. This materializes in particular through major investments and the purchase of numerous solutions in all areas, particularly in the strategic sector of firewalls .

Ever more complex and open organizations
More than ever, the digital transformation of companies and the evolution of their organization (fragmented companies, relations with partners, integration of new solutions into the information system, etc.) have profoundly changed the number of digital exchanges, which generates many vulnerabilities (applications, networks, etc.). It is in this context that firewalls play a leading role in protecting the IS.

Of course, we can congratulate ourselves on the implementation of large-scale firewalls , but the thorny question of their configuration and evolution still arises. It is precisely in this context that it is essential to thoroughly rethink the management of firewalls so that they can fully play their role. In this sense, it is necessary to automate the management of changes in security policies on firewalls while respecting compliance.

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