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New Cisco Solutions for Intent-Driven Networking

Cisco User-DefinedNetworks . IT organizations can now use Cisco DNA Center to give end users control over their own section of the wireless network. End users have the ability to securely connect their devices through the User Defined Network app, and also decide which devices can connect to their personal network space.
Cisco also offers analytics for previously unmonitored devices, enabling IT to more effectively segment and manage IoT devices. Network segmentation, or dividing a network into chunks to improve performance and security, has traditionally been considered challenging, especially with a diverse and growing ecosystem of IoT endpoints. Cisco is offering new solutions to address this issue.
• Endpoint analytics using Artificial Intelligence . Cisco DNA Center can now identify previously unknown endpoints and then group them logically using artificial intelligence. With this information, IT can form the basis for scalable, automated policies.
• Group analysis of policies. Cisco DNA Center now analyzes traffic flows between endpoint groups to develop policies that will be used as the basis for effective segmentation.

More info: cisco network security firewall

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