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Enterprise cloud and SaaS adoption has changed network traffic patterns and require fundamental changes in network and security architecture. As Gartner points out, the role of corporate data centers has changed dramatically. More and more user traffic goes to cloud services than enterprise data centers, and more workloads run on IaaS than data centers. Cloud services now store more sensitive data than corporate data centers.

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The way corporate networks are used has also changed. Many users work without access to the corporate network, and there are more applications accessed through SaaS than the corporate network. Therefore, controlling access based on users, devices, and applications and applying security policies is more persuasive than focusing on data center access control.

Advances in network and security software and cloud intelligence have introduced new solutions that can be deployed and scaled quickly, such as SD-WAN, SD branch, and CASB, and are flexible and simple to manage. Edge computing and IoT applications require distributed low-latency networking and security that is easy to deliver with cloud-based services.
Impact of SD-WAN
SD-WAN is a leading networking technology to note from the SASE perspective. SD-WAN is gaining in popularity as organizations spread across multiple regions are improving application performance in branch office environments. There are already about 10 vendors competing in the SD-WAN market, and the share is fragmented without a dominant company. The SD-WAN market will continue to undergo dynamic innovation, particularly cloud-based intelligence, native security features, and security partnerships. And over time, the leading SD-WAN platform will be able to provide SASE-like functionality.


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