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How to know if the Windows firewall is blocking a specific port or program

Having security software on our computers is essential to maintain smooth operation and prevent information from leaking or among any of the many varieties of malware. In this sense, one of the tools that we have available in Windows 10 is the Microsoft firewall. Its function is to protect us against external threats that enter our device through the network. Block connections that may be suspicious. In this article we are going to explain how to check which ports or programs are blocking the Windows firewall .

As we have mentioned, the function of the Windows firewall is to block those connections that may be a security problem. However, as in many other cases there may be failures. It is what is known as false positives. This software interprets that a certain program can be dangerous and blocks it, however, it could be the case of having a false positive, that is, a legitimate program that was blocked due to this policy, and therefore, could generate connectivity problems. or that we cannot directly use a specific program.

For this reason, we are going to explain how to know what programs or ports are blocking the Windows firewall. In this way, we will know if a program that does not work well, may be because it is being blocked by the Windows firewall, and we have to add some additional rule to make it the exception.

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