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Automated services: Only human resources for senior tasks

In financial services, there is a common theme - if you want to understand an analyst's capabilities, see how many excel functions she can automate. This idea works great for all industries because it shows that regardless of how the function adds value, it still runs on a series of redundant processes.

Covid-19 has shrunk temporary resources, across all organizations. When there is a geographical distance between your groups and departments, your resources will spread. In such times, departments such as Human Resources, non-IT finance can benefit in the following ways by automating a number of repetitive tasks:

Resource allocation: The resources that may be running thin are fine. Groups can focus on value-added tasks instead of male activities.
Enhanced user experience: Customer / user experience is improved when teleworkers feel needed, valued and taken care of when their queries are immediately resolved, even if they are resolved by an automated service desk process.
Increase productivity: Daily functions can be addressed by automating redundant processes, thus helping to increase productivity across the company even in the home-working situation.
Specific use cases such as onboard personnel, access approvals, standard updates and deployments show an incredible amount of value creation through automation in the current pandemic scenario. . Different types of automation in IT service management include:

Automation of work processes

As an organization, your activities carry the necessary patterns that can be used as rules to handle frequent requests or problems. These requirements can now be automated based on predefined rules to help remote employees through an ITSM platform capable of automating workflows.

While parallel workflows can help reduce the technician's workload, the multi-level approval process that automates business processes can save time for any approver on any what part; from a group manager and an HR employee signing off on leave requests or a purchase executive approving a purchase request. Moreover, a built-in service catalog can help present these available automated services to enhance user experience.

Automate the script

There may be a scenario in which many users are reporting the same issue probably due to a basic system error. In such a case, technicians may have to update each user with the same resolution steps before closing their ticket. If your ITSM supports script automation, your support technician can only create script processing with specific predefined actions and resolve all tickets under this scenario. with bulk updates.

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