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What are the different types of network security?


Access control
To keep potential attackers away, you should be able to prevent unauthorized users and devices from accessing your network. Users who are allowed access to the network should only be able to work with the set of resources for which they are authorized.

Application Security
Application security includes hardware, software, and processes that can be used to monitor and lock application security vulnerabilities that attackers can use to infiltrate your network.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) A

virtual private network encrypts the connection from one endpoint to a network, usually over the Internet. In this way, it verifies the identity of the communication between a device and a secure network and creates a secure, encrypted "tunnel" on the open internet.


Behavioral Analytics
You should know what normal network behavior looks like so you can detect abnormalities or network violations when they occur. Behavioral analysis tools automatically identify activities deviating from the norm.

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