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what does a computer service technician do

Computer network service is provided by professional IT specialists. Customers are offered complete preparation of IT projects from deliveries, implementation, installation, configuration to regular maintenance, user support and possible equipment repairs.

The most common interventions of our service on computers are capacity expansion, performance increase (upgrade), installation of accessories, installation of additional software, virus removal and replacement of defective components. During these activities, the technician will automatically check the correct operation of the existing components and check the system.

The basic step is mechanical maintenance, which includes removing dust from the computer to prevent contamination and subsequent damage to the fans. This is followed by an anti-virus test, checking the functions of the operating system, cleaning the registers and performing maintenance and inspection of the hard disk, or other required actions by the customer.

Of course, there is also training and technical support for the user, where repairs and possible solutions are solved individually. Despite all precautions, it may be necessary to have the computer serviced. Often the repair is done by setting up the software correctly or reinstalling it, which are not always sufficient. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to replace a defective component. Most of the components are immediately available to IT specialists, or depending on the nature of the spare part, the components are available within 1-2 working days and the repair is carried out as soon as possible, to all customer satisfaction.

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