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what does a solution architect do?

Use solar radiation efficiently:
To passively heat spaces in any season of the year, also to avoid overheating in summer. This is one of the results of energy efficiency in architecture. 

Use high energy efficiency appliances:
When you make new installations in your home or in a building, choose the devices that are necessary for comfort and at the same time, reduce energy demand significantly. 

Fit low-energy or LED bulbs:
This type of lighting uses 50% less electricity than the most common on the market and its life time is much longer than that of incandescent lights. Also take advantage of natural light. 

Now, how to improve the active design of my building? By this we mean the use of technologies associated with unconventional renewable energy to generate energy throughout the building. And although this sounds complicated, it is not, it is about producing thermal and / or electrical energy through solar panels, wind turbines, etc., from available natural resources such as solar radiation, winds, water, biomass, etc. . Beyond saving, you must think about the correct use of these energies that make the world a cleaner and safer place to live.

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